Visual solution Engineering


Our goal


To exploit the potential of high-speed imaging to observe, analyze and optimize your operational processes - and enhance communication.Mettre la vision rapide au service de l’observation, de l’analyse, de l’optimisation des processus opérationnels, et aussi de la communication.


Our clients come from a wide range of sectors including automotive, cosmetic, food, aerospace, security and defense.


Our client contacts? Researchers, project managers and directors of communication.

Why work with us?


Operational expertise: We develop high-speed imaging solutions - from the simple, to the truly complex. We work onsite and in environments with varying levels of constraint. Often in synergy with experts who offer complementary technical skills.

Confidentiality: We’ve earned the respect of our clients thanks to our professional attitude - and plain common sense. We don’t communicate on our clients’ solutions, images or material. Whether at events, or on the internet.

Added value: High-quality images, cooperation, creativity and attention to detail, and efficiency in the field – saving time and increasing productivity.

Get in touch whatever stage your project is at – from the basic, to the truly complex.

Our services


  • Rental and production facilities
  • Customized training on high-speed imaging
  • Creative consulting
  • Development of software and hardware specifically for high-speed
  • Solutions for rapid motion image recording
  • Superior quality photography and high-speed imaging