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The Phantom Flex 2K, offering the greatest feature flexibility of any digital high-speed camera on the market. It is capable of recording 2,570 fps at 1920x1080. An innovative HQ Mode offers ultimate image quality,Depending on the shooting mode and resolution, the Flex is capable of shooting from 5 fps to over 10,750 fps.


The Phantom Flex offers two user-selectable shooting modes, each adapted to a particular shooting environment. In Standard Mode, the Phantom Flex is just like any other Phantom digital high-speed camera. Shoot at resolutions up to 2560x1600 pixels at anywhere from 10 frames-per-second up to 1,455 frames-per-second (fps).


In Phantom HQ Mode, Vision Research's proprietary image enhancement technology results in electronic image stability unprecedented in digital high-speed cameras: stable blacks, low noise, higher dynamic range, and repeatable shots over the full range of supported resolutions, frame rates and temperatures without the need for pre-shot black references. Maximum frame rates in HQ mode are about half those in Standard mode, which means that in HQ Mode Flex captures images at speeds up to 1,275 fps at 1920x1080.

  • Up to 2,570 fps at 1920x1080 in Standard Mode
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • 600 ISO (180° shutter, 25 fps)
  • HQ Mode provides ultimate in image stability under changing shooting conditions
  • Phantom CineMag compatible, CineMag interface has field-replaceable pin array
  • 2 x 4:2:2 HD-SDI video ports, can be configured as dual-link 4:4:4 video (4:4:4 not available at 60fps video formats)
  • Global, electronic shutter to 1 μs (shutter angles in HQ mode dependent upon frame rate and resolution)
  • Multi-cine capable via segmented memory
  • On-camera controls for camera modes, settings, playback, edit & save
  • Frame synchronization to external signal, allows multiple cameras to be synchronized – essential for stereo 3D recording
  • Three 12VDC, 1.5A auxiliary power outputs for powering external devices (one is on the Viewfinder port), 4A maximum load
  • External trigger signal on camera connector panel and both 12VDC power ports
    Genlock for synchronizing video playback – essential for 3D video workflows

Resolution / Max Frame Rate

Sensor Size
 Crop Factor

2560 x 1600 (max res)

1455 fps

Super 35mm


1080 x 1920 (HD)

2570 fps



1280 x 720

5350 fps

Super 16mm


Pixel Size
6.75 micron

Sensor Size

25.6 x 16mm Super 35mm CMOS

Lens Mount

PL (standard), Canon EOS, PV Mount

Recording Media

Phantom CineMag


29.2 x 14 x 12.7 cm


5.3 kg without lens or viewfinder

Power Input

24V input

Battery Mount

Integrated Hawk Hood 24V V-Lock Mount

12V Power Aux Outputs

2 x 12V Fischer auxiliary outpout


1x 8-pin Fischer for optional software 
operation & file download

Remote Control

SpectR Wireless Control Compatibility


additional SDI output for viewfinder


1 Fischer: F-sync, Time code in & out, trigger


SONY HD25 1080p Viewfinder