Visual solution Engineering

Sublab offers a large choice of lenses Canon & Zeiss, in order to adapt to any type of project and budget.
Since the introduction of Canon lenses for Phantom Flex and Miro cameras,

it is possible to use Canon EOS protocol/process, and this way we can set the diaphragm and focus directly from the camera.

Thus, we remote control lenses without adding any extra motor to your list of equipment.
From now, our lenses control makes possible any kind of configurations :

embedded cameras, synchronized focus on several cameras,

pre-adjustment of lenses for motion control purposes, disguise the camera at a distance for documentary purposes...

Here is the lenses series we offer :


Serie Canon EF USMII :

24mm T1.4
35mm T1.4
50mm T1.2
85mm T1.2
135mm T2
180mm T 3.5
Zoom 16-35mm T2.8


Serie Macro :

Zeiss ZE 50mm MacroT2
Zeiss ZE 100mm Macro T2
Canon 180mm USMII Macro T3.5


Serie Canon EF Tilt Shift:

Canon TS-E 24mm 3.5
Canon TS-E 45 mm T:2.8
Canon TS-E 90 mm T2.8