Visual solution Engineering

Creative consultancy

Sublab’s expertise means we can get involved right from the creative conception of your project, creating synergy between the artistic and technical aspects.

Combining complex image recording techniques with an understanding of our clients’ needs, we offer solutions that meet technical specifications – and add artistic value.

Our clients: production companies, post-production companies, communications agencies and advertisers.

Whatever the end product (video, website, facilities, event organization…) our team understands, supports, and develops the solutions you need.

Sublab can provide a service from A to Z, or offer a solution for part of your project.

Samsung | Epic film

Client brief: Facilitate post-production for substantial and costly CGI work. The landslides were produced in successive layers on a real set, and integrated at post-production stage.


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Adidas | Messi film

Client brief: Find a direct, technical solution for representing the movements of a footballer (and not just any footballer!) using light.