Visual solution Engineering

Motion solution

Controlled movement and robotics are the cornerstones of Sublab’s expertise, enabling us to offer personalized motion control solutions.

Case studies

Cinebot Max

As part of a collaborative project with the company Cine Motion Lab, we played a role in developing software for the cinebot MAX.

Our goal? To contribute new functionalities to the robot by developing software interfacing.


Our goal was twofold:

- To develop a robotic solution for carrying the camera that was user-friendly, and easy to transport and install.

- To develop a robot specialized in Stop Motion image recording.

We selected a collaborative robot, UR10 by Universal Robots and made it completely operable through Dragon Frame, the benchmark software for Stop Motion.

Our mission accomplished, Anima is now used in animation projects without having to resort to additional technicians.

Other developments

We’re happy to adapt to personal requests for technical development, and collaborate with other companies to develop solutions for underwater, automated travelling and aerial shooting.



Making Of Biotherm:


Making Of Sony: