Visual solution Engineering

Software & hardware

Our R&D/research department develops signal processing, onboard electronics and IHM robotics in the IT and industrial arenas.


Sublab engineers understand your professional needs - and make sure the language they use is clear and effective.

Case studies

With a knack for anticipating client needs, Sublab quickly became aware of a real demand: for easy, remote operation and control of Phantom cameras.


At IBC Amsterdam in September 2012 we presented SpectR, a long-distance (1km) wireless communications system exclusively designed for Phantom cameras.


SpectR is currently the most flexible and intuitive solution that exists for operating cameras from the Vision Research brand. SpectR is distributed worldwide.



The company SolidAnim and their partner Broadcast Ross Video asked us to create and develop the onboard electronic component of their SolidTrack system.


Our mission:


- To understand the operating needs of an existing real-time enhanced reality preview system, and adapt it to cinema and television filming

- To create onboard electronics for a small camera mounted on the main camera. This meant we could view the integrated computer graphics in real time by following the movements and perspectives of the main camera.


The systems are used on film projects from American blockbusters to TV shows, and enhanced reality filming.